Yes, I read the whole blog

It’s fun to make new friends when you have lots of things in common.  Via Kristina:

A paper I’m co-authoring right now is at least tangential to much of this.

This describes the last two years of my life, basically.

Good taste in non-grad school things, as well.

Um… still more good taste.

Absurdly good taste.

Really, just stop it.

All right, let’s just get these out of the way.

She also feels uneasy about the medication of social constructed “diseases.”

She has some bitchin’ furniture, evidently.

Her husband has a kick-ass beard.

But most of all, she likes to issue hearty “fuck you” messages, as well.  With photos!

I bow to Kristina’s boldness, and award her blogrollage.

She is a Twitter user, which is nearly inexcusable… but I’ll let it slide.



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4 responses to “Yes, I read the whole blog

  1. 🙂 Well hello to you too!

    You’ll learn that I’ll try any new “technology toy.” I could lie and say Twitter’s for my research… but it’s really not.

  2. Good God.

    I really need to lock myself out of WordPress after about midnight.

    P – bite me.

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