Aw, damn.

So much for thinking that I could use my real name and maybe somehow escape this.



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3 responses to “Aw, damn.

  1. Students, you think? Anyone tell you they’ve found your blog?

  2. nobody

    Why, got something to hide?

  3. No, but it does make things a bit more relaxed when I don’t have students reading my ranting. I definitely don’t mind discussing that stuff, even with students; but that doesn’t mean I want it popping up in class, either.

    “Matt, I was reading your blog and I noticed that you have a screed up there about sociologists trying to act like they have moral authority. But I’m also in a class with Professor [who determines whether you graduate or not] and he talks about improving society all the time. Do you feel like that makes him less of a sociologist?”

    Ugh. I could do without that, thank you.

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