So where do the economists go?

The dude over at – I dub thee Pringle* – has developed a masterful rebuttal to the recent xkcd that set the socioblogosphere ablaze. It seems… plausible, as long as you exclude marine biologists. I don’t think we regular academics can compete with people who have everybody’s childhood dream job that also allows plenty of access to swimming. Nostalgia and physique – that is a deadly sexual combo.

At the same time, the psychologists I know are all freaky, so who knows what their annual picnics are like?

*Okay. His name is on there, just sort of secluded. Plus, I don’t really have the blog authority necessary to dub anyone anything. Need proof? The only person who knows that I beat Anomie to the xkcd is, in fact, Anomie herself. She did it more justice, anyway.


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One response to “So where do the economists go?

  1. Oh, this is epic.

    For the record, I knew you were first. I was kicking myself for not beating you (which I could have), so decided to leave it alone.

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