The Desperation of No Ties

I live in Denver now.

I used to understand why people don’t just move to improve their economic situation.  It’s hard to find jobs outside of your area, you’re leaving behind your social network and all the support it entails, it costs a lot more to move than most people think.  But now that I am unemployed and moving… now I understand.

Social network, developed over 20 years?  Still there, but digitized.

Intimate knowledge of good places to look for jobs, good restaurants, street names?  Gone.  I don’t even know where to take my recycling.  Colorado doesn’t even have bottle-deposit recycling.  Barbarians.

Savings from two years of living frugally on a teaching assistant’s salary?  Replaced with growing credit card debt.

I am the highly-educated, privileged white male, and moving is still a big pain in the ass.  I wouldn’t recommend it.



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2 responses to “The Desperation of No Ties

  1. I’m slowly learning the good restaurants around here. But at least I had a job lined up when I got here.

    As a weak link in your network, I’ll let you know if I hear about something opening up! =)

  2. And, as we all know, weak ties are much more important to job getting than strong ties (except if you are a Latino immigrant).

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