Keeping your democracy safe

To date, I have defended our blessed democracy against:

  • 1 missing detent
  • 1 mismatched key
  • 2 locks without keys
  • 112 primary-related cards
  • Several hundred pounds of paper
  • 3 terrorists
  • 1 ninja

Of course, most of my job consists of moving voting machines from one place to another, or humping the big ones to get them into just the right position (yes, humping).  I am getting a brutal crash course in the side of elections you don’t hear about in a political science program.  I like it… except that I leave home at 6am and don’t get home until 6 12 hours later.



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3 responses to “Keeping your democracy safe

  1. Elphaba

    perhaps you meant 12 hours later?

    I’m impressed that you had time to blog before leaving, though.

  2. Yes, yes I did. 6am to 6pm, or twelve hours. I’m not that great at thinking at 5:30am. I blogged instead of showering, because really, when you spend eight hours a day with voting machines, an hour walking, an hour on the bus, an hour on the train, and four hours with some pesky woman who lives with you… well, what the hell is the point of smelling good?

  3. Huh. And here I thought that the no showering thing was grad school related.

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