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Back up in your RSS with the resurrection

Yeah, I’m still here.

It’s very strange to sitting at home while my academic colleagues are being bombarded.  Inundated.  Drowned.  It’s not that I don’t have work to do – I have a thesis to finish and a number of research projects to work on – it’s just that, without a job, without An Office, I am dangerously prone to idleness.  I’m exploring the feasibility of sneaking into local universities’ libraries to get some work done, because otherwise… well, the temptation of Mario Kart Wii (wahoo!) is grave indeed.

However, I should mention that I am employed again.  After two months of job searching, I feel like a citizen once more.  My job is only ever so slightly social-scientific; those jobs seem to be in scarce supply, or else I am so profoundly inept that I can’t grasp my own ineptitude.  I nearly got one – there is an agency here that does tobacco cessation (who comes up with these phrases?) research.  I had applied for a grunt work job – stuffing envelopes for surveys, data entry, etc. – but they were so impressed by my data managemenet experiences that they gave that job to someone else while promising me a position that would be mostly data management and survey analysis, but with the tantalizing hint of independent research.  That job, of course, never materialized.  Budgets, accountants, etc.

Thus, I stand before you blog to you as a Voting Machine Technician.  Somewhere in Colorado, there is a warehouse with 1,100 voting machines in it.  Voting machines that must be tested before the election.  And I – I shall test them.  Fear not, citizens!  I shall defend your democratic rights and electoral integrity!

If CNN reports 100,000,000.333 votes for “Anarchy!  Muahahaha!” emerging from Colorado… well, you know who to blame.


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